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Wendi’s Video List

Hypnosis Party Tricks #1, hypnotize your friends
Learn more at http://www.wendi.com
Remember Name hypnotically with Wendi
I will show you a nifty way to remember names and recall them instantly. Wanna try? It is easy and painless.
How your brain works
Better sex, better memory, athletic skills, creativity and all the good things.
Wendi’s Hypnaughty message for valentine’s day
Hypnotic Love fest from Wendi. Caution- Trance inducing words, dangerous phrases, and naughty hypno sensations are in your future.
Good Hypnosis vs. Bad Hypnosis
Have you tried hypnosis from CDs or in person and it has not worked? What is the difference and why do some people have amazing life changing results?
Hypnosis Party Tricks #2, Hypnotize Your Friends
Wendi Friesen will teach you, hypnotize someone to make their tongue fall out. Learn Hypnosis tricks, easy and fun.
Apology, Ross Jeffries, seduction.com with Wendi Friesen
My show with the seduction guru Ross Jeffries, about speed seduction, what he’s up to now and your questions.
Equal time for hypnotic endorsements of candidates
I am sure you will be shocked that I have to endorse all the candidates with my hypnotic powers. Oh well, I will just have my way with you and make you vote, just watch, listen, breathe… relax… feel it deep inside… let the words penetrate…
Hypnosis Party Tricks #3, Hypnotize Your Friends
Wendi Friesen will teach you hypnosis tricks, make fingers stick together. Secrets of hypnosis, learn hypnosis now.
Miracles Weekend Joe Vitale, Wendi Friesen
http://www.miraclesweekend.com Join me, Joe Vitale and 6 more miracle workers to find the secret of miracles. How is it done? Immerse yourself in miracles for 3 days in San Diego.
Re: Re: Ron Paul Volunteer Discovers “Naked” Truth
Hypnotic Ron Paul strategy session, yes, you will vote. yes… you will… you want this… relax… yes…
Drugs, the big coverup
You want a pill to cure everything, but the truth is there may not be an effective pharmaceutical solution. Can hypnosis help?
Paul McKenna Challenge
Wendi owns it, Paul wants it.
Hypnotic Healing, Part 1
http://www.wendi.com Learn how to use my Holographic Healing process to create miraculous healing in your body.
Wendi Friesen interviews Jerry Kein
Jerry is one of my favorite hypnotists, favorite people and a great man who does a lot of good in this world. If you want to learn more hypnosis, he is da man.
Friesen vs. McKenna, real or imagined?
Got Hypnosis? Apparently Not. NLP has left the building? Apparently so. Wendi’s thoughts on Paul McKenna.
Hypnosis party tricks #4
http://www.wendi.com Get them out of trance, bring your subject back to a good state of mind, clear headed and feeling great!
Smoothy Lesson #1, Ron Paul
Making Smoothies with Wendi. Today, kids, we make a Ron Paul Smoothy. Good healthy ingredients and a strong motor. If you don’t like this one, well… I feel sad for you. http://www.wendi.com
Paul McKenna vs. Wendi Friesen, Round 2
Lawyers, schmayers. Paul, I will NOT see you in court… see YOU in the kitchen. 😉 The battle for domain name, I can make you thin.
Seminar, Live Jan 12, 13 in Newport Beach
Only $7 per person. WOW~! To attend call 877 684-2779.
Your new years resolutions are doomed, give up now
Watch the entire Fox News video here for more http://youtube.com/watch?v=VRbtxC0NWaA
Hypnosis Training, client who needs to be right
http://www.wendi.com Learn a strategy for Hypnotherapists, use this for a client who needs to be right.
Luv, Wendi style
The V-day message
Paul McKenna vs. Wendi Friesen, Round 3
Why is Paul McKenna suing Wendi Friesen? Let’s settle out of court, take this challenge, won’t you? Domain name battle for http://www.Icanmakeyouthin.com
Bring Back the Passion, tested on Rachel Ray show
Hypnotist Wendi Friesen uses a CD to help a staff member on Rachel Ray bring back the zing in her relationship.
Smoothy Lesson #2, Obama Style
Making Smoothies with Wendi. Today we learn the real ingredients in a Barack Obama smoothy. Watch and Learn what makes him so smooth. http://www.SpotALiar.com
Hawaii with Whales and Dolphins
Join me in April for a retreat of renewal. Swim with whales, dolphins and manta rays at night, hike to lava flows, meditate, get hypnotized, and feel amazing and new!
The Drums are here!
The Revolution Seminar and the drums. They have arrived. Join Jaime and Wendi at the next revolution seminar. To see the seminar video go to http://wendi.blip.tv
Your Brain Thinks faster than YOU do
http://www.wendi.com Interesting
Re: Hypnosis Tutorial RESPONSE
THIS is a response to a video, watch his video first. What a cool kid, he is teaching us hypnosis! ~ Wendi
Smoothie with Wendi, the Hillary!
More fun at http://www.SpotALiar.com
Hypnosis for bunnies. Hypnotize rabbit with Wendi Friesen,
http://www.wendi.com Why does this happen? Everyone who gets around me falls asleep!
Re: Ron Paul Volunteer Discovers “Naked” Truth
The campaign takes on a new strategy.
Big Event Saturday, live webcast
Manifesting and frustrated? Broke and struggling? Do you deserve to make money? Wendi Friesen and Bruce Muzik, live seminar announcement.
Re: Tom Cruise Scientology Video RESPONSE(Parody)
This is a VIDEO RESPONSE, it will make no sense if you don’t watch the Tom Cruise parody. Hypnotic help for the anti-twinkie state of clear.
Seminar Jan 12 -13th, Newport Beach
Hypnosis for rabbits with Wendi Friesen and Poopsy
http://www.wendi.com/video This rabbit walked into my office. Figured he needed some trancing.

End your ADD right now!
Hypnosis will take you to a state of focused genius and brilliance. No ADD for you, no way.
Focus! End your struggle with scattered thoughts
Expand your senses
rabbit hypnotized
Yes, it is true, bunny action right here.
hypnosis and skin healing
A session to help you heal skin condition
money buy happiness?
Find out if money can buy happiness and how you can do it now.
self hypnosis training
Learn an easy self hypnosis technique and change the emotional content of a memory
Hypnosis and lucid dreaming
Learn to lucid dream, great stuff!
Hypnosis and Addiction and ADD
Here it is, a hypnotic strategy to stop addictions.
End CLutter! And bunnys
Get organized and clean up your stuff, feel great. I will hypnotize you to love being neat and tidy.
Release Negative Anchors
Feeling bad? Maybe it is because you have triggers that make you feel bad and have anchored your emotions into them. Change it
How to spot a liar
Get hypnotized to be a human lie detector. You will love this show.
No Junk Food, eat healthy
Stop your junk food cravings, start cravings veggies. And find out what Wendi thought at 12 years old about how to get pregnant.
confidence with hypnosis
Mind Control part 2, continued
Mind Control Part 2, all about sex and hypnosis. Adults only.
Mind Control on YOU! Part 1
t right now!
Your Brain
s find out.
Speaking to Groups, the tip and tricks
Fear of speaking to groups? Get over it. Best hour you will spend with me.
Hypnosis and depression
Get undepressed in one day
Hypn osis for miraculous healing,more
Learn to target a specific area of your body for healing
Make a Miracle, now
Can a miracle happen to you? Watch and experience the letting go and the faith.
Day4 Hypnosex week
t even tell you about it here. It has to do with parts of your body that you might want to enlarge. Wooohoo
Day 1, integrity and honest
s find out.
Never be intimidated again, get hypnotized by Wendi and feel really amazing in this show today.
Presto Chango part 2
A fast and fascinating way to change you r brain from being stuck to being in the flow of life.
Presto Chango part 1
Part 1, before stickam bumped me off, watch this one first.
Day 2- depression, get up an on with it!
Day 2, get undepressed today, you will love this session to release the past.
Depression and hypnosis Day 1
How does your brain get depressed, how to stop to cyclte and feel good again.
Manifest EVerything
Past Life Regression READ COMMENTS FIRST
t do the trance session because it stops right in the middle… well, unless you want to continue on your own but that is not recommended for past life regresssion.
Being your best, charismatic, confident self
You are amazing, really! Want to find out why? Get ready, close your eyes, relax and enjoy!
Hypnosis and visualization with Wendi
Learn to visualize, how to help your clients and yourself to be more visual.
Spiritual Health, and finding out who you really are.
Take a journey hypnotically, to a parrallel world. Sound like fun? Yes, in deed it does. Get hypnotized today.
Health- eat slow and end junk food cravings
Learn to illuminate your senses and enjoy your food as you feel full fast and slowly savor every bite, with Wendi the hypnotist.
How Your Brain works
Awesome day, how your brain works, make it word better and more brilliantly. You have to listen to this one.
Stress and your brain
Find out how to release your stress and make your brain react and respond better, improve your health, this fast technique will make you feel real good. Yes it will.
Love, love, love
t have them with you? Find out today, with Wendi
Day #2, healing with hypnosis
s? Find out.
Day 1 Excellent health and hypnosis
Day 1, health and hypnosis, how to make your mind and body respond to healing messages and stimulate the immune system.
Join me for a special day. YOu will never be the same.
Day#2- insomnia , dream programming
Sleep week, day 2, programming your dreams with your hypnotist Wendi!
Day #1 Insomnia cure
Day1- great sleep! Learn hypnotic methods to fall asleep and stay asleep, with Wendi Friesen
Day #2 – dazzling hypnotic interview
Hypnotic Interview skills, day 2, language patterns and practice!! With Wendi!
Job Interview, hypnotic style
How to do an amazing job interview. Persuassion skills and hypnotic marketing to get the job!
Day #2 Memory tricks
With your hypnotist, Wendi
Day #1 Memory and your mind
Day#1 Improve your memory with visual associations. Wendi will show you how.
Day 1 Intuition
Day 1, intuition. Are you intuitive? Can you see into the future? How would you know if you were intuitive?
Day #2 Allergy Freedom Hypnosis
Day 2, can you really end allergies, asthma, and food allergy with hypnosis? Find out for yourself with Wendi
Day 1- Allergies, all in your mind?
Get hypnotized to end your allergies for good. Wendi will show you how to make your brain react in a healthy and balanced way.
In the Moment, Bliss-o-rama
Wendi knows what is good for you
Day 4- Fat Week, love to exercise
Day 4- get hypnotized to love to exercise and get that fat ass out of the chair! Sound good? I thought so.
day3- Fat week, the appetite zapper
Day 3 of hypno to your health. Lose weight, feel better love to exercise. TOday is the Appetite Zapper
Day #2 Fight the Fat!
Day 2, learn about nutrition, hypnotic strategies for programming your very special inner mind, get moving and shaking.
Day 1- Fat Week
Day 1, hypnosis for your fat. Get thin, feel great and love your life and your body! Today- hunger and your brain.
Day 4 hypnosis 101
Learn hypnosis, today it is about memory and states of mind. Create machines in your brain to make you smarter.
Day 3 How to Spot a Liar
Day 3, Learn to spot a liar, find your own internal lie detector that will tell you if you are being lied to. Get that gut feeling to be accurate!
Day2- how to spot a liar
Wendi teaches you how to be an expert at spotting a liar. Learn the body language, eye cues and other things that make you an expert.
Day 1- how to spot a liar
Learn to spot a liar, detect the clues that show if someone is honest or lying and get really good at it. Day 1
Day 3- how to hypnotize anyone
Learn hypnosis, day 3, the six elements of change that make your hypnosis succesful.
Day 2- Hypnosis 101
Day 2 learn hypnosis and use party tricks to amaze your friends. Wendi Shows you how
Day 1 Hypnosis 101
Learn hypnosis this week, day 1 is about inductions.
Day5- Mega Manifesting hypnotically
Day 5 of the Mega Manifesting event. Bring it all together today and set in motion the dream that will not die… use practical tools and solid techniques to attract abundance and opportunity.
day3- mega manifesting, more self talk
Totally transform your self talk, and create an automatic and irresistible change in your subconscious. You will love this one!
Day #1Manifesting, real or crap?
s talk about manifesting and what is real? Do you make miracles happen or just coincdences. Wendi Friesen talks to you about it.
Hypnotize your lover BIG O!
Learn about the hypnotic BIG O. Yes, this is for adults only. Find out how to induce a hypnotic orgasm.
Remote Seduction, real or imaginary?
Wendi Friesen shows you how to use hypnotic remote seduction for interesting and intriguing purposes. What will you do with your new powers?
Passion Week with Wendi, hypnotic pleasure
Love, passion, magnetism… how to become irresistable with hypnosis.
Day 4 – end procrastination
Wow, what a day! ADD? Ritalin? Unfocused? Get ready to have an amazing sense of focus and stop your avoidance mechanisms once and for all!
Day 3 Stop Procrastinating
Day 3- we explore the mind of a person who loves to get things done, and you will too!
Day 2 Stop Procrastinating
This is a great one, a strategy to stop your lazy attitude and get fired up and excited. Cool stuff today!
Day 1 Stop Procrastinating
Hypnosis for procrastination, find out why your brain needs to be fixed, get strategies for doing things with focus and determination.
Day 5 Get a plan, take action, what is stopping you?
Self sabotage, finding the part of you that wants to fail, understanding it, and making a plan.
Day 4 Are you worthy of wealth
Day 3 worthy of wealth
Get your issues out in the open, let go of conflict, find your obstacles.
Day 2- I love money
How do you percieve yourself with wealth and abundance? What do you need to do to take action? Get into the boardroom with me!
Day 1 I love Money
Wendi Friesen hypnotizes you to look at your issues with money and wealth. Do you really deserve to be rich? Find out! Love it or hate it, your emotions and money determine your ability to create wealth.
Outrageous Marketing
Learn hypnotic marketing, be memborable
Persuasion and hypnosis
Is hypnotic persuasion effective? How do you apply it to your business? What is the most important thing in hypnotic marketing?


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  1. Good vids. The list is a bit big but i watched already some vids.


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