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Beyond The Secret

Last night I attended Beyond The Secret, at UCLA. It was a taping for the “live event” that happens tonight, January 15th in 400+ theaters around the country.

It will play as if it is a live event. Great idea, amazing concept. Holli Walker had the idea to create this event and bring the speakers together to continue the discussion of The Secret. Congratulations to Holli for bringing her concept into reality.

The movement that has been created by the movie The Secret is impressive and obviously many people have been affected by it. I love that The Secret opened minds and fueled a movement for positive thinking.

Is positive thinking enough to create real change? From my perspective, positive thinking is a great place to start and we can all use a reminder now and then to stay positive in a negative time. My expectations of Beyond the Secret were a result of nothing more than the name of the event. I expected something new, different, unique, powerful, or creative. Some science, some breakthroughs, some action.

I attended the taping hoping they would take us in a new direction.
And I am hesitant to say anything negative about it, since the focus and intention was simply to discuss the Secret, not to create a revolution, or inspire action.

Les Brown was interesting, repeating the quotes that make us go, “oh yea”.
Bob Proctor was great, he is a fascinating and energetic man with a great message.
Marcia Wieder is, I suspect, a mind boggling, life changing speaker. From the few minutes I heard, she is someone who could blow your socks off.

So, put together a panel of people talking about positive thinking, saying the same things that have already been said in the same way it has been said, and you have Beyond the Secret. All this done with no interactive element, no energy, no context, and no action.

This event could look different once they edit it, add wildly screaming and applauding sounds from the audience and put in the movie magic that makes an event have a pulse. Beyond the Secret will be interesting to most people and will serve a purpose. But I just love to see people getting inspired, excited and taking action. If you could give some of the top speakers a chance to stand up, grab the audience and shake them up, we would have had something.

Putting a panel of people in chairs (one of which never opened his mouth the entire time) to answer old tired questions is boring. Taking questions from the audience that are pre-written and read off a card is uninspiring. What? The panel cannot take real questions? These panelists are brilliant people who were prevented from showing their greatness and giving the country some true inspiration.

And with that said, I know I will probably get some negative comments if I do not glow about Beyond the Secret, but we know that energy is everything. And infusing The Secret movement with some new life and energy would have been powerful.

Go see it anyway, it won’t hurt.


PS- Great move to put Leeza Gibbons on as host. I have been on her radio show  dozens of times and she is a brilliant host and has a great style. She does an amazing job. Larry King was unable to make it and she is a great replacement.


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Who else wants to hang out with a room of geniuses?

Here we go… I had no idea that I was walking into the vortex of marketing geniuses that somehow converged for one night.
THANK YOU to Dave Kekich for inviting us over to his beautiful home!

Joe Sugarman

Joe Sugarman

When I first walked into Dave Kekich’s beach house in Huntington beach, I saw Joe Sugarman. If you don’t know who he is, google him. In January I will be speaking with him in Austin Texas in January with Joe Vitale at the ATTRACT WEALTH seminar. http://www.JoeSugarman.net Yes, That is Mark Victor Hansen sneaking his head into the pic. That rascal…

Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen

After a big hug with Joe, I turn around and go WHOA, Mark! Yup he rocks. Mark Victor Hansen is a legend. Author of Chicken Soup books and much more. And his girlfriend is just way too fun.

Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

I was talking to Mike Koenigs for a while before I realized he is the TRAFFIC GEYSER founder. How did that not click? He must have thought I was a total dork when he said something about traffic geyser and I went DOH, OF COURSE! His company is doing some big things with video distribution. My mind was boggled. Thanks for all the insider info, Mike.

Hang on, we are just getting started… the night was young…

Ryan Kaltman

Is this the real RichJerk?

Another legend who is making people rich and wildly successful doing it. THE RICH JERK, you can see him on the web at http://www.richjerk.com and he is also a marketing genius. HIS NAME? I posted it, but then noticed on his site he keeps his identity secret. Check out his site, his marketing is brilliant.

Joe Polish

Joe Polish. Yes Joe Polish, the PIRANHA MARKETING guy. Hi biz card makes me smile. He has the Kekich Credos which are brilliant. You can see them at www.GeniusNetwork.com/kekich The woman on the right is Mark’s amazing woman- Crystal, and she and I had a lot in common. She is a hypnotherapist and is a dazzling and fascinating woman!

Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner wanted me to hypnotize him to do something, but I don’t remember what it was. Mark’s pretty cool. He created SIMPLEOLOGY dontcha know. He lives in New Zealand these days. If you want to see his work that will totally change your life, just as it says in the title, go to www.simpleology.com Freaking amazing.

Jason Henderson

Jason Henderson

If you love bunnies, you probably know Jason Henderson. He is the BIG MARKETING guy. Drove down from Bakersfield and I think he brought his bunnies with him, but even better he brought something big, black, long, and hard.  It is made of rigid foam and used for back pain. I’ve no idea where ya stick it, but it was fun to hold. Yes, he is a tall man.

Matt Adams

And then I see that his assistant is Matt Adams, the totally cool guy that makes you break arrows with your throat, walk on glass and get all powerful and fearless. Matt is the take action guy.  We all need more of that for sure. Matt and Jason make quite a pair, their height difference is spectacular.

Great food, wine and ideas. How inspired am I today? It’s all about being productive and powering up my life. Thanks to all for the big infusion of love and laughter.

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Satisfaction guaranteed

OK, this is bugging me.

I have a one year money back guarantee on my stuff. You don’t have to prove that it didn’t work, you don’t have to tell me you didn’t like it, you just have to return it within a year.

That’s all.

One year.

I send it to you, you send it back in good condition and if it is returned back to us before one year, we refund your money.

So Vincent decides that since his year is up he wants to make his own rules. He feels it should be a usage gaurantee, meaning a year of usage only including the days he used it for a year. WTF?

Now, one year and a week later he wants his money back. And I rarely stand on principle with anything and would never want to alienate a customer, but this one is just weird and I am just in the mood to play.

He is going to send his letter to the dept of consumer affairs.

I suggested that he could exchange his program for another one, perhaps he would like the Stop Procrastination program?

Am I bad?


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Miracles Weekend San Diego

Joe is giving you so much, even a ticket to Unseminar 6 which I am told will be in Las Vegas.

Look at this list of goodies. And for the entire weekend I will be there for YOU, day and night during breaks, late into the night as you go to sleep, for drum circles on the beach and more. I will be helping you create your miracles! I will be honored to have YOU here in San Diego for September 26,27,28

Remember, you are going to get all these
extra bonuses at the event —

“The Awakening Course” with the two bonuses,
“The Awakened Millionaire” and “Awakened
Relationships” (Easily worth $150)

The new, expanded, revised edition of
“The Attractor Factor” book. (Priceless)

The bestselling audio “The Missing Secret”
(Easily worth $129)

A ticket to Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar 6.
(Priceless but worth $200 to $1,000)

* A copy of my brand new book, “Expect Miracles
(A priceless one from Canada)

A surprise mystery bonus gift from me. 🙂

AND you can now bring a guest to the event
with you for only $197 more.

Ready to be there? Register here —


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Palin Pregnancy and what to do when your water broke?

SPOT A LIAR alert!

More scandal surrounds Sarah Palin.
She announced she was pregnant when she was already 7  months along! That was in March.

(NOTE: I am not making a political statement in support of, or against a candidate or party. When I comment on these politicians it is not a liberal or conservative statement or leaning. I really dislike them all equally, trust me. So relax and enjoy the developing How To Spot A Liar story!)

Here she is at 6 months pregnant. Ooopsy! Kinda not showing.

Six Months pregnant.

Palin 7 months pregnant? Wow, big growth in 1 month.

Palin 7 months pregnant? Wow, big growth in 1 month.

Pic of Palin in her obvious pregnant state. Big change for only one month difference.

I am sure that all of us women who have had babies are thinking that this just doesn’t sit right. And why would there be no word of being pregnant until 7 months into it? If I held my tummy in and wore Spanx, I swear I couldn’t have hid it after 5 months.

And her daughter was out of school for months with mono, unseen.

But here is the part of the rumor I really want to help bolster.

She is speaking in Texas at the energy forum. Her water broke, she stayed, gave a speech, caught a plane back to Alaska, drove to the hospital to then give birth.

Been pregnant? We all know that if your water breaks you go immediately to the hospital because of risk of infection and baby must be delivered in 24 hours.

And when you water breaks usually your contractions get stronger, that is why they break your water to speed up labor if needed.
And she is having a 2 month premature baby with downs syndrome and is going to put herself on a plane from texas to alaska with a very high probability that she will give birth in the air?

After having two natural births myself, I can only say OUCH! No way I would want to take the chance of having contractions on a plane. Or anywhere for that matter. And with a premature baby to squeeze out while at 30,000 feet.

Come on. As soon as we see the interviews with her I will promptly do a spot a liar analysis for your pleasure. And well, for mine.

Here is the fact from the Texas Ft. Worth Star-Telegram in April:

From Alaskan NBC affiliate KTUU:

Just yesterday, Palin was in Texas at a forum on energy with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and executives from four other states.

The governor’s water broke during the energy conference but she stayed and gave a 30-minute speech before boarding an Alaska Airlines plane home to deliver the baby.

Palin gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin Friday at 6:30 a.m.

No word on why Palin was so determined to make sure young Trig wasn’t born a Texan.

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Sarah Palin for VP? Really?

Is it just me?

Choosing a 40 year old mother of 5 to run for VP might not be a positive choice for women voters, or for most voters. And what does it say about McCain’s judgement?

C’mon. 5 kids, one is 4 months old with Downs. And now she is going to devote 100% of her time to campaigning and then if elected, to being a full time VP, traveling, being available in a moments notice, making choices between her kids needs and the job? Seriously?

Being a mother of young kids is a demanding job. I only had 2, but there were many times when I was torn. Having to choose to leave my child to go to work when my child was sick, or had a special project, or needed help through an emotional crisis that can only be helped by giving the love that a mom can give… these are extremely hard choices for normal moms.

What does it say about a woman who is willing to put herself in this position to deprive her children, including a 4 month old, of physical and emotional access to their mother? Is it realistic to think that a woman can balance these two jobs?
Sarah! Seriously?

And what about John McCain’s judgment to put someone in this position- she could be president in a heartbeat. How does he put someone in that position, that could have to decide between a meeting with world leaders around the globe, or staying home to see her child through surgery, or missing the big event at school, or when her children are having an emotional meltdown and she has to say “later, I’m busy”.

Downs babies often have serious medical complications. If she is a dedicated mother, what does it say about her choice to accept this role?

And John McCain, C’mon. She has 2 years being governor of a state that won the office with 115,000 votes. And you were complaining that Obama doesn’t have the experience to lead the country. What kind of judgment were you using to make such a big decision.

I am all for women doing outstanding things, including being president. But this demonstrates extraordinarily bad judgment. Mcain on his choice, and Palin on her acceptance.

She has a stuffed bear in her office. Did she shoot it for fun? Sounds like a crowd pleaser, shooting animals just for fun. I don’t like hunting for sport, but that’s just me.

Sarah Palin with her bear. Awe, how cute.

Sarah Palin with her bear. Awe, how cute.

And Joe Biden, who had those lovely comments about his wife being drop dead gorgeous and in the next sentence that her Phd could be a problem (insinuating that she is too smart, and that would be a bad thing). I must assume that he meant that being smart somehow prevents him from wrapping his brain around her drop dead gorgeousness. Seriously Biden. You are going to be a source of entertainment.

We are in for a spectacular time.
I don’t like McCain. I just can’t imagine a president that can’t use a computer. Ick.

Ron Paul, where are you.

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The poem

A woman chose the day to end her life. May 4th. She had everything ready to make this day, her birthday, her last day. She chose to Leave her 4 children and family because life was just too hard.

In part, she said…   “I was alone with 4 kids and completely lost except for my humor which at times was hard pressed to find.  4 months ago, in April, I had had enough.  I planned my exit and decided that the world and I just couldn’t get along anymore.  I was in hibernation not only staying in my house but in my room for days on end.  I was so heavily medicated I could have put a horse down with the pills I was popping.  I thought of my kids and despite thinking I was the most hopeless and undesirable woman in the world, decided to look one more time to finding some help but if I found nothing by May 4th, my birthday the next day would be my departure date.”

Just before that date, she found my website and came to my live shows on Stickam. Her life started to change and she found new friends in the show chat room and was inspired to live. She wrote me this poem today. I want to share it with you.
I love you girl!

A poem for Wendi….

There was a time within my past
I hoped each moment was my last.
I lay in bed and scream and cry
I wished that I would simply die.

My life seemed like it had no hope,
I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cope.
I thought the world a better place
without me as it’s huge disgrace.

But life for me began to change
I found some hope, it seemed so strange.
I let her get inside my mind
all my tensions would unwind.

I learned the good within myself
I found my hope, I found my health.
I worked in trance to ease my fears
frowns were smiles..no more tears.

Instead of feeling down and stressed,
I now felt happy and so blessed.
My time on earth is here to stay
I found hypnosis was my way.

It brings each day amazing gifts
and when I’m down, my spirits lift.
So ask me how I found my reason?
Hypnosis ala Wendi Friesen.

Blessings Wendi….true blessings.

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Is John Edwards Lying, baby his?

How to Spot a Liar!

Wow, I have to say THANK YOU to John Edwards for assisting with my How to Spot a Liar training. He is the POSTER CHILD for the classic ‘leakage’ signs in lying.

There are many body langauge, voice cues, eye accessing cues and blink rate issues in this interview. For purposes of making YOU an expert at spotting a liar, study this man. He displays the classic indications of lie detection.

Watch the video, below are the tells. You can learn more and see the training video so you can learn how to spot a liar.

:18 I have to be the man. EYES FULLY CLOSED. (this was a lie to him internally because he is not being a man, he is ashamed)

:53 I would be happy to participate in a paternity test HEAD SHAKES BACK AND FORTH and EYES CLOSE. (his head continues to shake “no” for several seconds. Wow)

:57 I know it is not possible…  BLINK RATE INCREASES, notice on “not possible” how fast he blinks. This indicates it is a total lie.

1:04 Happy to take a paternity test… EYES CLOSED. Notice the moment the eyes close. Another classic sign of a lie on an exact word or phrase.

1:22 Sure. EYES DOWN. Eyes going down indicates deep shame, guilt.

1:46 Trying to keep, uh, this mistake… PAUSES IN VOICE BETWEEN EACH WORD. These pauses happen during lies because the brain is shorting out when looking for and choosing the words to use. Remember, the truth comes out smoothly.

And then he touches his face.

And you will love this next part, look at all the pauses between words and face touching as his mind develops his story.

1:47 Callibration- Notice this- in calibrating for truth or lies, a true statement has distinct qualities. When he says “I had been in Los Angeles to do an event with the mayor” he is clear, smooth, and telling the truth. This is an excellent calibration statement.

1:58 Touch face. Then the next 10 seconds is full of lies.

2:46 I didn’t talk to him about paying any money or anything like that. LOOK AT HIS FACE GET TOTALLY SCREWY. When the brain is in it’s biggest moment of conflict, there is the most leakage. In this case the leakage is in the muscles of his face and head.


3:34 I can’t make any sense of it. REALLY JOHN? SERIOUSLY?

4:12 Answers question- you don’t remember holding the child of Ms. Hunter? Instead of answering the question, he says “I’m saying you asked me about this photograph, I dont know anything about that photograph… I was not at this meeting holding a child for a photograph to be taken.” BIG PROBLEM DURING THIS ENTIRE STATEMENT WITH WILD HEAD MOVEMENTS AND RAPID BLINKING ON KEY WORDS

4:59 I’ve never paid a dime of money… LOTS OF CONFLICT AND HIS EYEBROWS GO UP DURING MANY OF HIS LIES WHEN HE IS TRYING TO HOLD EYES OPEN. This is an attempt to keep eye contact to appear as if you are telling the truth.

7:31 Answers question with question “Do I think it was possible he was trying to protect you?” Edwards then answers with a question “Do I think it is possible he is trying to help me?” ANSWERING WITH A QUESTION INDICATES A LIE IS COMING NEXT.

10:19 I think our marriage will survive. EYES TOTALLY CLOSED DURING ENTIRE SENTENCE.

For Media Interviews with Wendi Friesen, or to hire me to analyze body langauge contact me at my office. Be sure to tell my staff this is for a media interview and let them know if it is urgent.

949 673 6463

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Bush in China, he didn’t ask me.

When Bush came to my home town, Eldorado Hills, Ca. to raise money for Doolittle about 2 years ago it was a spectacle. They had to pour concrete at the grade school for weeks to make a helicopter pad. The kids were not allowed out for 2 weeks. Not kidding.

Anywhooo… there were helicopters that flew in over 50 vehicles, snipers in trees, and people, people, people.
This was done to raise a mere $250,000 for Doolittle at lunch.
Get it? It costs millions for him to come to Eldorado hills, Ca. Weeks of prep, schools that were affected by taking their playground. And the motorcade passed right in front of the school and the students were not allowed out to even catch a glimpse. They had to stay inside.

Now Bush is enjoying his visit to Olympics in China.

I have worked very hard for my money, paid my taxes (a lot by the way), and for his enjoyment my taxes are being spent to do this? I don’t remember him asking if he could spend my money on this. After all, we are trying to conserve fuel if I remember right. I wonder how much it costs in fuel alone to fly the cars, trucks, people and weaponry to china. We could have fed a lot of hungry people I suppose.

And what is up with his publicized statement of condolences to the world about how sorry he is to the ONE family who lost a loved one in that shooting? Hello? What about the families of all the soldiers that have died, or return injured, or wake up with nightmares, or who have lost their peace of mind forever.

I guess I am just not in the mood for your 600 bodyguards and the massive cost for you to sit there with that sappy grin on your face while you watch the Olympics. Shame on you.

bush body guards in china

bush body guards in china

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Name it and get it free

(Enter as many times as you like, the more ideas the better!)

Wow, it is almost ready. I just recorded the new and improved, hand grown, heart felt, and faster acting…

BODY MASTERY hypnosis program.

This program has helped 1000s of people around the world to create miraculous healing and sometimes to just knock out a cold. It uses some specific processes to create balanced immune function, rapid healing, emotional conflicts of health issues, secondary gain issues, brain blueprint for youth and much more.

But the original version was made years ago.
I have evolved, and this program has to evolve as well.

Personally, I think it is amazing.

I need a new name for it. Use the comment section below to regsiter your creative ideas for names. The winner get the program for free! It is a $199 value.

Get busy, brainstorm it up!


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